My Story

I was born in Kuwait in 1990 and then after a few months of my birth after the gulf war in 1990 I moved with my family to Cairo , Egypt which I’ve raised and live till now.

I’ve raised in mid range class family as my Dad & Mom were working in the engineering field and that’s what I loved in becoming an engineer.  

I entered the college and chose the telecommunication department but here was the shock that the education I got is not gonna fit me in the work as things in Egypt don't work according to your college education.

I hate being in college and got dropped for some years, almost 11 years dropping on the college.

As I was dropping a lot in college , I needed to get money from any method whatever it’s gonna be online or offline , I’ve worked in many jobs like customer service and telesales but then got bored from these jobs as I was working a lot and almost got nothing.  

During this time in august 2011 , I found something called on google in the ads section how to make money online , I clicked on the ad and found something who don’t know a PTC website ( paid to click ) which is a website you sign up and just click on ads for 1 cent and when you reach a min like $1 or $2 you can cashout .

As I was in bad need of money I started working with them and there was two popular websites in that time that I still remember till this moment , Neobux and Probux .

I got over $300 within the first two months of working with these two websites and most of the money was from probux and I was investing some of the money I was getting but here is the shock .

Probux scammed people and turned off it’s site ! I was really shocked and sad for wasting all these time and effort in these website and decided to find another way to make money online .

I searched a lot and a lot and found Google Adsense as someone was talking about you can make money for having a blog or website through displaying google ads on your website .

I started creating a blog in different fields and writing articles and submitting it to Google but most of them are being refused for now reason .

Then I decided to create a website , but when I tried I found that I needed to know how to code but I searched a lot through google and found a software that helped me to create my first website .

Then I moved to the second problem. I need to get a domain name and hosting to have my website online , I didn’t have much money during this time and I’ve found a website offering a domain and hosting for $20 per year which is what I was having online from the money remaining from PTC websites and I launched my first website it was about tourism for visiting places in egypt , I submit the website to google and got accepted .

I was struggling to get money through traffic as I need to know SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) which is getting people to visit your website through google .

I tried a lot of ways to drive traffic as much as I could and was counting the hours and days to cashout from google but when I was getting close to the threshold min which is $10 to verify the account it was closed !

After discovering the reason it was because of the traffic ! , I used a method to get traffic forbidden by google which is traffic exchange websites where you put your link and turn a software on your computer by visiting others links so they visit yours .

So I started to look for other ways to make money online , I found Fiverr and Odesk ( now Upwork ) which I have started to offer the skills I learned to people .

I’ve made over $500 from Odesk only but my account was close for no reason and ended up struggling with Fiverr ,so I thought what if I started to work as a freelancer but through social media like Facebook , so I started to join groups making money online and post my work through these groups and got a lot of work through these groups .   

After my work in as a freelancer I needed to do something for myself and here it all begins , I launched two projects one as offering digital services for individuals and companies and the other one is an online travel agency that helps individuals and companies with their flights and hotel accommodations . 

After launching my two projects online I started creating courses online for helping people by sharing ideas on how to start an online business with limited budget and tools and got 4 courses published on Udemy with over 5000 students .

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